The Dr. P Rejuvenate Mattress

Brand New!

We’ve teamed up with Dr. Peter M. Petropulos, one of Colorado’s most trusted and admired Chiropractors and Holistic healthcare professionals. The Rejuvenate mattress will provide a complete non-toxic support system for optimal sleep and wellbeing, and promote total body rejuvenation during your highly important sleep cycle. One-third of your life will be spent in slumber and that time should be spent without the interference of toxic chemicals and poorly designed sleep platforms. It is because of these facts that, after 35 years of practicing holistic health and investigating wellness, Dr. Petropulos found that other mattresses were not meeting the high standards of excellence that he required for his family and patients.  It is with this in mind that we now offer a mattress that will meet those high standards and provide a clean, nontoxic support system for you and your loved ones.

If we take care to live cleanly with appropriate diet and lifestyle change, but continue to breathe toxic chemicals on a poorly supportive mattress our healing work will be undone. For those pursuing optimal wellness, this is the all-natural mattress for you.

Natural botanical latex comfort wrapped in a natural wool & bamboo quilt.


Free Shipping. Price includes mattress only. Foundations not currently available for purchase online.