Sustainability and Boulder are at the Core of every decision we make. 

Urban Mattress opened as a family business in 2008. After selling the big brand names you’ll find at other mattress stores, we quickly realized that the mattress industry was doing two things we did not agree with. 

  1. Using cheap materials that failed in 3-5 years. 
  2. Using harmful chemicals, filling landfills, and doing more bad than good.

We began building our own products with the mission to create safer, deeper sleep for our neighbors in Boulder, and all over the front range.  

Why an Urban Mattress over an Online Organic Boxed Bed?


  1. Urban Mattresses are available in plush and firm.  We actually have 8 firmness options in our organic line, each with a dual firmness option to suit couples with different sleep preferences.
  2. Purchase of an Urban Mattress includes free local white glove delivery and recycling of your old mattress. That means our specialized delivery team brings the bed into your home and handles all setup and removal. No hauling and dragging on your own.
  3. Urban Mattress organic beds use certified organic materials, versus using an organic cover and calling the bed organic like many leading online organic bed brands.
  4. Urban Mattresses are available to test in our showrooms so that you can work with our sleep specialists to help you choose the right firmness. This leads to much higher satisfaction rates.
  5. Urban Mattress is a Family business with three generations of craftsmanship and sleep study. We are also local to Colorado and design and manufacture all our products here with over 80 percent of our materials sourced from sustainable partners in the U.S.

Natural Fire Barriers

In 1973 the law was passed that all mattresses have a fire barrier. Companies began using cheap harsh chemicals that are now proven to be toxic when ingested through skin contact, and inhalation. Despite the overwhelming evidence that these toxic materials are not safe to sleep on, many companies continue to use them. 

At Urban Mattress we use only natural fire barriers 

  1. Our wool is organic, meaning the gatherers and farmers adhere to the world-leading standards in assuring the fibers are pure. This means organic grazing areas and pastures, minimal processing, and humane shearing practices (along with other requirements).
  2. Hydrated Silica, a naturally occurring element commonly sourced from Sand and obsidian is long recognized as a safe ingredient by the FDA for use in many foods and products, specifically organic toothpaste. It works well as a chemical-free flame retardant.

Glueless Coils

While over 90% of coils manufactured use glue in the process, ours do not. Our coils meet organic criteria because we use an ultrasonically sealed sewing technique that allows us to eliminate toxic glue.

These European-style pocket sprung coils are of the highest quality to eliminate motion transfer and premature sagging. They are also 100% recyclable, so we can break them down and recycle them after a long life. 

Independent mattress springs in spunbond. Pocket springs

Organic Latex

We get our Latex by sustainably hand harvesting the organic botanical sap from rubber trees grown on certified plantations. This standard ensures that the supply chain for natural rubber latex sap is sustainably produced and harvested.

 Organic Cotton

The cover of our organic line is woven using unbleached and untreated cotton, Made from the highest quality, organic cotton fiber available. Luxurious and durable, organic cotton fabrics feel soft against skin and last longer than many other woven materials. Tending not to snag, tear, rip or stain, even after many years of normal use. Our cotton covers are recycled at the end of their long life and resued.



Over 30 million mattresses end up in landfills every year, but never ours. Every mattress that we deliver comes with the option to have your old mattress hauled away and recycled. 

We have partnered with Spring Back Colorado, an organization that breaks down mattresses and recycles 90% of the materials, and turns them into reusable materials. Spring back also employs those with barriers to employment. By cultivating environmental stewardship, and pursuing social justice Spring Back supports its employee’s path to recovery and prosperity. We are honored to join them in this mission, and the mission to keep mattresses out of landfills.


A main ingredient in our luxurious adjustable pillows, tencel fibers originate from renewable raw material wood. The fibers are certified as compostable and biodegradable, and thus can fully revert back to nature. Manufactured from Eucyplytus trees, Tencel processing takes 5 times less land and 155 less gallons of water than many other materials. It is made without the use of pesticides or insecticides. It is also exquisitely soft. 


Local Manufacturing

100% of Urban Mattresses are made in Colorado. We visit the factory in Denver at least once a week to make sure our quality is always at the highest level. 

Enjoy free white glove delivery, removal of your old mattress,
a 100-night sleep trial, and a non-Prorated 10 year warranty.